Saturday, February 4, 2012

LIFE | Dressing For Comfort



jacket: vintage
skirt: selfmade
backpack: vintage
necklace: Nelly
shoes: 1990s Chanel

The Dutch are known for their sober attitude, no sillyness, no frillyness. When dressing, practicality always comes first. But what I've always disliked is the common thought that practicality and aesthetics don't mix. Like ignoring how ugly Uggs are because of their comfort. As if there aren't any comfortable shoes in the world that don't make your feet look 5 sizes bigger. As a protest against this practicality I stopped wearing jeans for years, looking back it was an unnecessary masochistic thing to do.

For a day in the city I wore something as decadent as a high slit floorlength skirt in the most casual of fabrics; heather grey jersey, sheer pantyhose with flat shoes, a leather backpack and some gold metal jewelry.