Tuesday, February 7, 2012

VIDEO | DIY Cracked Denim


jeans: courtesy of THVM Atelier
top: COS
heels: Weekday
chair: Hema

My black jeans had a make over yesterday, they now look like they have been dipped in white concrete. I love the bursted and imperfect surface of the denim. They have become a delicate piece of clothing that will only get better with time. Flakes of paint will fall off on places where the fabric folds and a white wash will be left on the denim. Stains can be easily brushed off the dusty surface.

What you will need to make a pair of your own is some old jeans, a brush and acrylic paint. All you have to do is apply a thick layer of paint on the denim. After an hour or two your jeans should be dry and stiff. Now you can literally break them in. The paint will burst and the first half hour you´ll be losing a lot of paint flakes and dust. (A walk outside is recomended!) But after giving them a chance to shape to your body you can wear them without leaving a dust trail. I can't wait to incorporate these into a few outfits!