Thursday, July 22, 2010

The truth about Jeffrey Cambell




Jeffrey Campbell... I am going to be dead honest. My Jeffrey Cambell shoes aren’t as great as so many reviews claim.

Am I the only one on earth who thinks his Acne rip offs are just unacceptable?! I mean, you can be inspired by another label but I think stealing a design shouldn’t be paid off with the kind of praising and credits that he gets. Specially if this ‘Alexa wedge’ turned out like a Frankenstein version of Acne’s Atacomba wedges. Let’s not start about the Ann Demeulemeester, Chloe, Alexander Wang, Ashis and even Givenchy they have tried to impersonate. Although I don’t appreciate the brand anymore thanks to these kinds of bad rip offs, Jeffrey’s square wedges did grab my attention. They looked like a brick tied to a shoe, so simple and interesting.

Today the package was delivered. I calmly sign the paperwork that the mailman needs from me and wish him a good day. It takes only seconds but it feels like hours. I feel anxious to shut the door, run inside, slice open the box with the first sharp object I can get my hands on. I see some keys lying on the kitchen table and start poking the box with them. Effects are minimal. I need something better, I go for the biggest kitchen knife we own and slice through the tape that is holding the box together like butter.

Ahhh Another wonderful, fancier box in sight. It says Jeffery Campbell. I open it. A plastic stench comes out. I can smell (and see!) the glue that is keeping the wedges together. Oh the horror! Plastic.. Synthetic.. An image of a huge chinese factory with underpayed employees producing cheap shoes goes through my mind. I go back to the website I ordered them from and find out that it did specifically says “with leather insole”. Are you kidding me Mr. Jeffrey Cambell?! Only the insole is leather? I wish I had saved my 150 Euro’s for Acne wedges I am having sleepless nights over.

My lesson is learned. Cheap always turns out to be expensive. These won’t last long.